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Embarking upon this triathlon endeavor approximately 9 years ago, I didn't realize how much the years of running on the soccer field as a kiddo and progressing to road running and racing as a teen and young adult would essentially lay the foundation for my activities today. In fact, just three years ago if you'd have shown me the list of goals I would create for myself, I would have thought you'd have mistaken me for someone else. Regardless, I find myself using past experiences and lessons learned to propel myself forward in this sport of triathlon.

Currently, I live with my husband, Bryan Rowe, in Nine Mile Falls, Washington. We enjoy our 5 acres on Long Lake with our two dogs, Ryder and Maci; three cats, Newton, Lucy, and Andi; and small flock of chickens. By Bryan's standards, we've likely progressed to a borderline menagerie as far as fur (and feathered) kids are concerned, but having grown up on a small hobby farm as a child, our "predicament" feels relatively normal to me.

Ryder and Maci
In addition to the animals, we (primarily me) have enjoyed the benefits of hard work starting and maintaining a garden and small orchard that, in the spring of 2016, grew to twice its original size. Bryan has no idea how he let that happen. I can't think of anything more rewarding than walking out into the garden to peruse the landscape, only to return with fresh eggs, an assortment of fruit from our trees, and handfuls of vegetables from our raised garden boxes. Bryan has finally come to understand why the initial pains of filling 20+ garden boxes with load, upon load, of dirt and digging countless holes in the rockiest of soils for fruit trees was worth our while over the past few years. The grin on his face after consuming a fresh nectarine or plum straight from the tree reminds me of a school boy who just shoved a handful of candy in his mouth.

So when I'm not training, I'm out in the garden with my "kids." I may also, however, find myself at work where I fill the shoes of a licensed physical therapist. Currently, I work in a skilled nursing facility with a patient population whose ages range anywhere from 65 to 100+ years old. Imagine the stories I hear, and you'll understand why I garner a significant amount of fulfillment working with these people.

Yet the skilled cares and services I provide at work likely explain why, despite entering into my childbearing years, I have no desire to care for anything other than my animals and husband upon returning home. In essence, this also affords me the perfect opportunity to focus on how to grow into a more competitive athlete. Like many have already said before, there exists this alluring and intriguing challenge of pushing oneself to the limit. I want to see just how much this body my parents blessed me with can take. My coach, along with the words and actions of encouragement from Bryan, has enlightened me over the past four years as to what I can achieve with a significant amount of dedication and hard work.

Photo by Craig Thorsen
Therefore, I plan to use these next few years to focus more sharply on triathlon. While coworkers suggest I should pursue competition at the Olympics, I instead look to establishing myself at the top of my field. Here stands one of those goals I once thought I would never write for myself. Yet I have said it. Now is my time to dive in and achieve it.

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