Saturday, July 26, 2014

Race week finale

And then there was one. One more day. Our Whistler, BC vacation has transformed into race preparation for Bryan's fifth (my second) Ironman. The views, the scenery, the buildings and structures have not yet bored us. Truly, I'm thankful for the opportunity to have had the week prior to explore and enjoy as much as we could before delving into our races tomorrow. We could have spent an entire second week (if not a third) to completely uncover all of Whistler's secrets. Perhaps another time, in another season, we'll find ourselves up here again.

Today, Bryan and I finished our last tune-up ride and run before taking our bikes to T1 at Rainbow Park. The sun shown through today! Since our first swim last Monday, Rainbow Park has transformed into T1. Bordered by mountains and forests, some of the views from my bike's parking spot made T1 look spectacular. My Quintana Roo Cdo.1 rests at the end of the first row set aside for All World Athletes, part of Ironman's new marketing scheme.

We took the shuttle back to Whistler Village so we could drop off our run gear bags at T2. Again, I feel fortunate to have such a low number as to make my bag quite easily accessible. How fitting to have yet another mountain in the backdrop as tomorrow, we make our way off the bike to the changing tent before setting out on the scenic, challenging run course.

All in all, I am grateful when I think about the phenomenal week Bryan and I conclude. We've both trained for this race with two full-time jobs, and I feel proud of the way we both accomplished it all with three fur-kids and other tasks we've added to our plates (landscaping, growing our own food, and an ever-abundance of dirty laundry). We organized our training around very full lives. Yet I feel this is part of what makes reaching race day an accomplishment in and of itself. How blessed I am to have Bryan on my team. 

Here's a view from our walk yesterday.

^^ Looking up the river was pretty, but looking the other direction...well, need I say more?


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