Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapter 5 - Where did January go?

Have you ever sat down to read a good book, only to realize that 3 hours later, you’ve already devoured 5 chapters worth of introduction, plot development, and imagery? How is that I’ve managed to lose myself so quickly in 2014, finding 5 chapters gone in this book of the coming year? I swear I just finished reading everyone’s New Year’s blog posts on resolutions and goals, feeling inspired by what others might do so that I can better shape and plan my own endeavors. Has the month of January—the month of endless Starbucks drinks and cloudy days—really come to an end?

I suppose it’s too late to post my New Year’s hopes and dreams for 2014. I suppose you might think the time for dreaming, scheming, and planning has already passed us by. However, I feel I’m just getting started! Two days ago I cut the chains that have confined me to my books and forced me to study. I sat for that exam on Wednesday and answered question after question on a test designed to determine if I am a worthy physical therapist. While I feel good about the prospects of passing it, the nerves and worrying have yet to cease. I will not feel my normal self until the results have found my email inbox.

An incredibly challenging 5 weeks this has been, not just from the standpoint of studying, but also from the initiation of Boston Marathon training. Officially, the first of January marked the commencement of “the plan.” You can imagine the sticker shock I felt when, upon completing the first week, I went from running 30-35 miles per week to a staggering 42-47. I’ve decided my coach is badass. To be a badass, one must learn from the master of all badasses. (I’m sorry if you didn’t want this kind of distinction, Derek.) But seriously, I feel more badass.

I also feel strong. Unlike last year, I’m running injury-free. I can’t even remember the time when knee pain didn’t impede my performance and frustrate my mental strength. It has always torn me down. Right now? Nothing. It’s as if someone slipped in during my sleep and replaced a worn knee with a brand new one. Yet I know the real reason I’ve managed to stave off pain is by religiously keeping up my strength training. TheraBand has become my new friend.

Today, the sun shines. I can’t even remember the last day I saw the sun. It plays nicely with the 4 new inches of snow that have fallen over the last couple of days. Maci sleeps, but she’ll awaken at the prospects of a walk. Bryan works, but he’ll soon return home. I look forward to finishing chapter 5 with a weekend full of fitness testing, playing in the snow, and football. Go Seahawks! 

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