Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm back...A different me

I found my old blog I started back in December of '09, the one I thought would be fun to keep as I transitioned out of undergraduate school and into the working world. Judging by the number of posts I've documented since then, my life has been anything but exciting.

Since then, however, I've transformed into a completely different person, one bent on staying healthy and fit while attempting to complete a doctorate of physical therapy program through EWU. I made it through the first year and anticipate I'll finish out my last two just like I did the first. It won't be easy, but graduate school isn't supposed to be, either.

To balance the stress I impose on myself through school, I've adopted another form of entertainment some (my family, mostly) would like to suggest is just as stressful, if not crazy. The world of triathlons has kept me incredibly motivated to stay in shape and eager to learn everything there is about true fitness and challenge. I couldn't possibly ignore the benefits I've reaped as a result of training and racing this past season. I've met some funny, motivated, and downright crazy athletes over the past year, and I've enjoyed spending time with every one of them. That, and I lost the nearly 20 pounds I gained my first few months of PT school by training and racing this past year.

Eight triathlons and countless road running races later, I sit here in the middle of September 2011 ready to improve for the 2012 season. I made it through this year, but next year I hope to come out stronger. This training season poses a few challenges I intend to conquer: transform my sloppy swim stroke to an efficient one, learn better training strategies that don't involve killing myself in an attempt to improve, and learning the art of rest. Seriously, these past 6 months I've seen little of it.

Until then, I hope you'll enjoy whatever I deem interesting enough to post. If not, you have my permission to move onto your next blog :)

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